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HER2 FISH Amplified
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Bill Your HER2, Hematology and Melanoma FISH Assays Professional Component (PC)

Not all Professional Component/ Technical Component (PC/TC) programs are created equal!

Partnership between the local pathologist and national labs are here to stay as long as the pathologist is on the case and informed.

Molecular Diagnostics Consultants is a designated FISH lab with full telepathology automation and CLIA/CAP FISH Assay certification.

  • We perform solid tumor FISH assays to include HER2, TOP2A, EGFR, C-MYC and Melanoma.

  • Our HER2 assay is FDA approved.

  • HER2 FISH, TOP2A FISH EGFR FISH,C-MYC FISH and Melanoma are available on a PC/TC basis. 

  • We also perform Hematology Panels to include MDS, ALL, CLL, AML, CML, Multiple Myeloma and Lymphomas.

  • FISH PC/TC on Hematology Panels is also available.

We work with several pathology groups with great success. The pathologist is on the case starting with the H&E all the way to the FISH electronic sign-out.

Our Laboratory Information System is easy to use and after short experience a pathologist with an internet access will be able to sign-out a case in five minutes.
  • Case images and FISH technologist signed scoring sheets are available for the pathologist to view.

  • The final report is also available to view before signing out.

  • The signed case will be faxed electronically to any treating physician designated by the pathology group.

  • Final report in a PDF format can be printed or saved on the pathology group computer system.



  • Endometrial cancer FISH assay identify patient's with PTEN tumor suppressor gene mutation that is the most frequent genetic alteration in endometrial cancer. Test can be done on endometrial brushing samples coming directly from the OBGYN office.
  • Barrett’s Esophageal FISH Panel identify patients with risk for having esophageal adenocarcinoma. Test can be done on cytology brushing or tissue specimen
  • Cervical DNA FISH assay. The test identifies the irreversible DNA damage to cervical cells looking for TERC gene amplification; the TERC gene is associated with cervical cancer.
  • Mesothelioma FISH assay with higher sensitivity and specificity. More reliable then IHC particularly helpful in Pleural Mesotheliomas.
  • PTEN/ERG FISH testing for positive Prostate Cancer.
    Testing is offered on a PC/TC or Global basis.”
  • ALK FISH testing for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
    Testing is offered on a PC/TC or Global basis” (FDA approved test for XALKORI)
  • Bladder Cancer FISH assay to include the following probes: CEN3, CEN7,CEN17, P16. (PC/TC or Global)
  • A Melanoma FISH assay to include the Following probes: RREB1, MYB, CCND1 6CEN. We added 9p21 and 8q24 to enhance detection of Spizoid melanomas and eliminate tetraploidy.  (PC/TC or Global)